It Saddens Me….

Note: I started this post about a month ago, after a morning of sifting through hateful and hurtful posts on the book of face. I found it very disturbing to see all the judging that was happening, even in my little world. At least, to the credit of my circle of friends and family, the majority of the posts were re-posts along the line of “what were these people smoking?” So there’s that. But I felt that I had to say something. So here it is. I hope it makes at least one person pause far a second and think.


I have to remind myself sometimes that not everyone thinks like me.

And that saddens me.

Not that I think everyone should think exactly like me. After all, if everyone thought alike, this would be a very dull world, and we’d still be in the stone ages, without even fire or tools. Or we’d be extinct.

It saddens me because my world has so much beauty and magic in it.

It saddens me because when I see two people who are obviously in love, I celebrate the great thing they have achieved. True love is so hard to come by, and a healthy relationship built on two whole people who build one another up and truly better their partners is a thing of beauty, something we should encourage. Not the insane idea that true love can only be between a man and a woman.

It saddens me that when someone sees something they don’t understand, their first reaction is to analyze it. If after analysis, they still cannot explain it, they say it doesn’t exist, that they didn’t see what they thought they saw. Why not say “hey that was beautiful!” and leave it at that? Do we really need to spread every butterfly in the world out on a peg board, pinned in a static position, dead, labeled and displayed?

It saddens me because I try so hard to at least understand that others DON’T think like me, and to at least acknowledge their viewpoint, even if comprehension of it is beyond my capabilities. Just because someone’s viewpoint differs from mine does not make it less valid. In fact, by acknowledging these varying viewpoints, I open myself up to the possibility of bettering myself, because they just might have a good point! And this means that when you refuse to at least entertain a new idea or viewpoint, you prevent yourself from growing.

I see around me people of all shapes and sizes trying to exist in a world where only one shape and size is “ideal.” I see people hiding who they are because they know that the people who love them will not accept them for who they are. These poor people struggle everyday with the pain of rejection, the pain of being unable to exist as they are meant to be solely because others cannot be open to them.

And this saddens me greatly.

This is a vast planet with billions of amazing people on it. We see different people every day, and, as is our nature, we judge them without even thinking about it.

Just once, try to see them for who they really are. To the best of your ability, without actually knowing who they are. Try to see the struggles that exist under the exterior. The self-conscious geek who would like nothing more to fit in, even just a little. The overweight person who would love to understand why the weight is there, and then eats those feelings of insecurity. Literally. The strutting male who is just trying to ensure that people will respect him. The young girl dressing way too old in order to get everyone’s attention. Everyone is hiding something under the masks that they put forth. Try to understand that everyone has layers, and treat them accordingly.

And maybe, little by little, this world will become a better place.

And that, dear friends, would not sadden me in the least.

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