Welcome! (or “It’s about Bloody Time, isn’t it?”)

About a year ago, I don’t remember exactly when, I decided I was going to start a new blog. Well, by “new” I meant a blog period, as I really don’t currently have one.

I had, as I often do, grandiose plans. I was going to write helpful hints and ideas for the geek trying to save money, eat healthy, etc, etc, etc…

I think I was going to call it “Home Geekonomics.”


As you may have noticed, it never happened. As often happens with my grandiose plans, it never left the writing table.

I’ve had this account now for a year and I have published a grand total of… ZERO posts. Go me!

I have a great many reasons for why it hasn’t happened yet. One, I wrote a bunch of posts, unpublished of course, and quickly realized that it was totally hypocritical of me. I am probably the last person to give money advice. I suck at watching my own money. Other’s money sure, but not my own. And my “healthy eating” consists of remembering that vegetables do in fact exist and maybe, just maybe, I should eat some once a day.

So yeah, probably not so much with the helpful posts.

Two, and probably the last I will share because the others all kind of sound like whining on my part, I am employed full-time in a human resources/marketing position, which means I use the brain meats a LOT. A lot of my day is actually spent writing, and as such, I don’t often feel like writing when I get home.

However, I do greatly enjoy writing. I like free form writing like I’m doing now. I also like to tell stories. Sometimes I use existing characters – fanfiction – and sometimes I write my own stuff. Thing is, I haven’t really done it at all in the last ten or so years.

And I’d really like to try to do this.

So, here is the plan.

I intend to write, when I am able to, about anything that strikes my mood. Some of it will be ramblings about my day, life, financial crisis, whatever currently ongoing concern I feel like sharing. Some of it will be fanfiction, and some will, hopefully, be original writings for your reading pleasure.

Or rather, more for my writing pleasure. Because, and I’m going to be perfectly blunt here, I am writing for me. I do not expect anything to come of it at all.

So, as people come and join this (all two of you, I’m sure), there will be only two rules:

1. I write for me. If you don’t like it, go elsewhere.
2. Comments, criticisms, playful flirting, jests. All are welcome. Flaming and hate will not be tolerated.

So, this is my first post. I may write something a little later tonight, because the mood to write has struck home pretty hard, but if not, don’t be disappointed. I will post something soon, I promise!

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