WIP Wednesday: Sweaters, Drinking Birds, & Norwegian Cats

Welcome to WIP Wednesday! In this, our inaugural post of WIP Wednesdays, I will show off my current WIPs (Works in Progress). I will also discuss the ideas and the difficulties that I am having. I encourage everyone to show off their own projects, and ask for help if needed!

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WIP #1: Knitty’s Oranje

Knitty's Oranje
Knitty’s Oranje

The first project I am working on right now is Knitty’s Oranje. It’s a cardigan with fair isle design across the shoulders. It is worked in the round and with a steek (a section added where the opening of the cardigan is to be, which will later be clipped and a border added), 3/4 length sleeves, and a stand up collar.

Sweater in progress

I am working it in KnitPicks’ Wool of the Andes in Baltic Heather, Coal, and White. This yarn is beautiful. I find it has a nice drape to it, the weight being just enough to make a nice, warm cardigan. This sweater is knitting up quickly. I have been working on it for about 2.5 weeks now, and the bulk of the sweater body is already complete.

Now I have to be ready for the big decision: do I continue in the pattern as is or do I lengthen the sleeves? I’m not as anti-3/4 sleeves as some people are, but it would be nice to have the sleeves at my arms length. I’d like opinions if you care to comment.

WIP #2: Drinking Bird

Drinking Bird
Bird is drinking from a facet.

The next project I have on the go is a simple embroidery project. It is based off of the first image, a photograph from Las Pilitas Nursery that I found on Pinterest. I find a lot of my inspiration on Pinterest. I will be sharing my posts more and more on the blog – stuff I’ve done and stuff I find intriguing.

Drinking Bird in Progress
Project in progress, early stages

The bird is on a piece of stretch denim from an old pair of jeans. I am using the Sulky Printable Sticky Fabri-Solvy Stabilizer as well – I drew the outlines of the project on this, peeled off the backing, and put it on the denim! I LOVE this stuff. It is so easy to use, and you can print directly on it as well!

I only started this last night, so I haven’t hit too many struggles with it yet. I am using DMC embroidery floss, and want to use some of the Krenik embroidery filament as well.

WIP #3: Norwegian Forest Cat on Fence

Norwegian cat on fence
Cat on fence

I am most proud of this one. The idea has been brewing for some time. It combines love of painting and my love of embroidery. This particular piece will be acrylic and embroidery on canvas.

Painting in Progress
Wash is done!

The photo I am using is from this article on Alla Lebedeva’s farm. This fluffy cat sitting on a fence in the snow was so sweet, I had to do something with it! I am currently at the point of doing the under-painting – the buildings and the snow, as well as some of the fence. The rest will be embroidered.

Curious as to others opinions regarding one thing I am toying with. As this will not be framed, thus it will not have glass to protect it, I am wondering how I can protect the paint without affecting the embroidery floss. So many questions. Should I spray it with a fixative? Will the fixative affect the floss? Will the paint affect the floss? Any input would be appreciated.

What are you working on?

Comment below with any thoughts or opinions on the information above, or show us what you are working on! I am looking forward to see what others are doing and hearing their thoughts!


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