Stuck in a Walk-in Clinic

Long story short? Don’t kick a pipe.

Especially if you’re not wearing steel-toed shoes.

So yesterday morning I was cleaning the piggies’ cage. A gross thing that has to happen regularly. Pet ownership is a joy, yanno?

So we have this copper pipe that we use for when the poops clog the vacuum hose. It is handy, and I keep it up against a chair, where it’s easy to reach and out of the way.

Well apparently it fell over. And I didn’t notice.

So I move to the end closest to the chairs, and I kick something.

Look down.

Damn pipe. Cue Shauna swearing like the fucking lady I am.

Look at my toe. It doesn’t look TOO bad. A little skin pulled back, but no blood or anything. No worries.

Clean cage. Start sewing. Mom comes downstairs, asks for my help.

When I get up to help her, I look down, and what do I see?

Well, NOT a barely wounded toe, that’s for damned sure. It was bleeding. It looked gross.

I ask mom for a bandaid, and we get it cleaned up and wrapped up. And then go about our business.

The toe is throbbing a bit, but nothing I can’t handle.

At night I switch bandaids. Taking a good look at it, there’s a flap of skin that’s all curled up, and it’s red from the blood. Clean it up a bit. Stings like a motherfugga. I put on a bandaid and then go to bed.

This morning it felt alright. A bit stiff and sore. No biggie. No sign of any bleeding in the night. Ok, I’ll go to work as normal.

At noon it’s sore. So I take a look – didn’t remove the bandaid, but took off shoe and sock. Bandaid is almost bled through.


I had nothing to replace it with, so I just put my sock and shoe back on, go back to my lunch break.

By 2:30 I know I ain’t taking a bus home. I contact the parents and arrange a ride.

By 3:00 I know I’m not making it to the end of the day. I get dad to come and get me.

And that’s how I ended up with my feet up on a coffee table in a walk-in clinic. Writing up my first blog post in ages.

Because I decided I wanted to try writing again, and hey, a two hour wait is a good time to start, right?

Anyway, I thought I’d start with my little story of how I got where I am. Maybe next week I’ll update y’all on whats been happening in my world since the last time I posted.

Welcome back!

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