Stuck in a Walk-in Clinic

Long story short? Don't kick a pipe. Especially if you're not wearing steel-toed shoes. So yesterday morning I was cleaning the piggies' cage. A gross thing that has to happen regularly. Pet ownership is a joy, yanno? So we have this copper pipe that we use for when the poops clog the vacuum hose. It… Continue reading Stuck in a Walk-in Clinic

On Living with Anxiety

This post was a very difficult one for me to write. I sat at my brother's kitchen table, my dad trying to make small talk even though he could see me trying to write. He means well, and I love him. But it was distracting.It took me about five drafts, some of which were erased… Continue reading On Living with Anxiety

Welcome! (or “It’s about Bloody Time, isn’t it?”)

About a year ago, I don't remember exactly when, I decided I was going to start a new blog. Well, by "new" I meant a blog period, as I really don't currently have one. I had, as I often do, grandiose plans. I was going to write helpful hints and ideas for the geek trying… Continue reading Welcome! (or “It’s about Bloody Time, isn’t it?”)